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  Eilefs Landhandleri  
  Address Kristian IV's gt. 1, 0164 Oslo  
  Phone 2242 5347  
  Nearest Station Stortinget  
  Opening Hours Sunday and Monday 15:00 to 01:00, Tuesday to Thursday 15:00 to 02:00, Friday and Saturday 13:00 to 03:00  
Good wine selectionServes good food
  Rating (1-5)

  I must admit that Eilefs Landhandleri was not one of my favourite bars in Oslo, but that all changed with the recent refurbishment. They have done a really good job and this place does have a lot of atmosphere at night time. Itís in the heart of buzzing downtown Oslo and attracts perhaps a slightly older clientele with its 80ís and 90ís music. Eilefs bills itself as a restaurant, pub, dance bar and they even show some of the bigger football games on their large screen. Itís Osloís board playing centre with lots of board players having regular meetings here. The food is very good and the staff friendly and helpful. This is a typically Norwegian pub serving Norwegian beers, including the tasty Frydenlund Bayer, which makes a very welcome change from regular pils. I do hope this style of beer make a comeback in Norway. Pils can be very good, but I so think that the younger generation in particular have never truly experienced the full flavour and character that is often found in darker beers, so full marks to Eilefs for having the courage to serve it.
Eilefs Landhandleri
Eilefs Landhandleri
Eilefs Landhandleri
Eilefs Landhandleri
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