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  Address Arbeidergate 2, N-0159, Oslo  
  Phone 2241 6266  
  Nearest Station Stortinget  
  Opening Hours Monday to Thursday 14:00 to 01:00, Friday 14:00 to 03:00, Saturday 13:00 to 03:00, Sunday 14:00 to 00:00  
Great sports bar
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  Bohemen is the home for supporters of the local Oslo side Vålerenga, but it's a shrine for any football lover world-wide. They have shirts, scarves and memorabillia from so many clubs around the world. If you don't find your club's scarf there to start with, just keep looking and i'm sure you will find it wrapped around a pole or nailed to the roof ! It's a really colourful place to be on Saturdays, as they show as many games as they can from lunchtime until early evening. Most games are from the Premiership or the English First Division, but they show many other games from around the world too. Check out their excellent, frequently updated, web site for details of all the latest games being shown. They often show several games at once, so you can watch two or three games from the same spot in the pub. Their large screen is not so large, but it's good quality and shows the main game, with many other TV's showing different games located around the bar. Everyone's friendly in here and there's lots of good-natured rivalry between shirt wearing supporters. Beer is keenly priced, but sadly, the selection is poor. You really don't have much choice if you don't like Guinness, Strongbow or the local beers. Don't have too many pints of Ringnes or you will end up with the mother of all headaches ! They have a nice magazine rack where you can read programmes and fanzines from lots of clubs world-wide and I must leave some West Brom stuff in there to hopefully convert a few more Norwegians to "the cause". It gets busy for some of the bigger games, so if you want to watch Arsenal or Man U, get there early. If you want football and a warm friendly atmosphere, head for Bohemen, but don't take your football hating wife or girlfriend there for a romantic night out, or you will end up sleeping in the spare bed for sure !
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